What Is An Aging Life Care Professional (formerly Geriatric Care Manager)

Geriatric Care

An Aging Life Care Professional (formerly Geriatric Care Manager GCM) is a professional who specializes in assessing an elder’s physical, medical, cognitive, emotional and social needs; and developing a customized plan to best meet those needs. They can assist families with the stress of an overwhelming health care system; as well as sorting through what might be the best plan of action for all involved.
Aging Life Care Professionals typically are social workers, nursing and other allied health care professionals who can provide expertise in resource and long term planning. Families can rest assured that care managers have extensive knowledge in the areas of availability, cost and quality of appropriate services.


An Aging Life Care Professional (formerly Geriatric Care Manager)  can:

*Conduct a thorough assessment in order to develop a care plan well-suited to your loved one

*Coordinate and monitor in home services

* Provide support to elders and families by assisting with medical and other important appointments

*Review financial and legal issues; making recommendations and referrals accordingly

*Offer support and advocacy when needed

*Be responsive in a crisis situation

* Navigate thru the maze of health care options for your loved one; either thru a one-time consult or ongoing monitoring and guidance