Honoring Choices


Elderly woman with granddaughterHonoring choices is important to us. “Navigating the waters of today health care system with a senior who is working to maintain their indepenance can be difficult journey”,  says Celeste Ricci–Trahan, LICSW, Seacoast Senior Resources. “Whether the elder wants to stay at home or seek a more accommodating living environment, these  delicate conversations with family can often be assisted by a professional who can not only provide essential information but can act in a mediation capacity if needed.” As a Geriatric Care Manager with thirty years experience in the health care field, Ms. Ricci–Trahan helps families assess an elder’s physical, medical, cognitive, emotional and social needs, and develops a customized plan to best meet those needs.  “The discussion will always start and focus around the individual’s wishes, but would also be open to all loved ones expressing concerns regarding this process.”  Seacoast Senior Resources is located on the border of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and provides services to Massachusetts adults and families on the North Shore and Merrimack Valley.

As an Honoring Choices Community Partner, Ms. Ricci–Trahan engages adults and families in the health care planning process using the Honoring Choices “Who’s Your Agent? Program.  Ms. Ricci–Trahan helps adults choose a Health Care Agent and to communicate the kind of care they want in Massachusetts planning documents.